The Devon Community Energy Network brings together community organisations, local authorities, businesses and other to work towards a sustainable future for our community


Our network acts collectively to support each other and our goals across Devon. Importantly, we work together to secure resources and deliver projects that cannot be achieved by community energy organisations acting alone. 

We work together to influence new energy development, to reduce energy consumption, to fight fuel poverty and to deploy new renewable energy projects for a sustainable future.


We are a network of community energy groups in Devon and the south west UK. Anyone who is interested in community energy is welcome, this includes: individuals, sustainability groups, local authorities and local businesses.

We hold meetings quarterly – these are hosted by network members on a rotating basis. Below you will find a list of members of the network, each with a link to their website.

Community Energy Organisations

Sustainability Groups

Local Authorities and Partnerships

Renewable Energy Specialists


The Devon Community Energy Network was formed at the Spring Gathering for community energy practitioners in 2018. Previous to this, Devon had two partnerships acting on community energy; the South West Devon Community Energy Partnership and the North Devon Biosphere Reserve Partnership’s Energy Group. Both of these entities were formed in 2012 and received start-up funding until 2014 from the SEACS project, joint-EU funded by Interreg and Devon County Council.

They commissioned strategic energy studies for their areas and delivered a number of initiatives including energy champion training, energy assessments, events and impartial advice on energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable transport. The Devon Community Energy Network combines the membership of the two previous organisations and welcomes additional members not previously represented.

2016 – the community owns the 100kW solar array which supplies renewable energy to Nanstallon sewage treatment works near Bodmin