We have an opportunity to work together, as a community, to reduce our energy spending. We can increase energy efficiency in our homes and look at ways we can generate heat and power for the benefit of our communities, and those in fuel poverty.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live in a warm home, and are doing all we can to provide advice and support to help achieve this.  

Support for Householders

Plymouth Energy Community home visit

If you’re concerned that you’re not able to heat your home enough and/or your energy costs are difficult to manage, please get in touch with your local community energy organisation through Energy Saving Devon – their experienced energy advisors will be able to help you.

Energy Saving Devon is working with the community energy organisations to make sure the service is best practice and fully qualified.

A comprehensive list of energy-saving top tips are available from the Devon Climate Emergency.

Support for Businesses

We know that often organisations are missing the money, know-how or time to overhaul their existing processes and energy consumption within their buildings. That’s why we need Decarbonise Devon.

From insulation and draught-proofing to installing renewable generation and improving staff carbon literacy, Decarbonise Devon provided by Devon Energy Collective, is the complete ‘one-stop’ decarbonisation service your organisation needs.

The Devon Climate Emergency provide information for business about support programmes and funding available to prepare for net-zero.

Traditional Buildings

For historic buildings and those of traditional construction, improving the energy efficiency means reducing heat losses wherever possible without damaging their special character or compromising their performance.

Historic England has produced a guide on how to improve the energy efficiency of historic and traditionally constructed buildings.

Draught Proofing and Secondary Glazing

If you are not permitted to install double or triple glazing, you can get something called secondary glazing. See how to do this yourself and combine it with other solutions for making your home draught free in our Draught Busting and DIY Secondary Glazing Manual.