For the 6th year running Transition Town Totnes is holding an Open Eco-Homes Weekend, featuring homes, buildings and gardens that have taken steps to reduce their environmental impact and household bills.

This year’s event is on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st September and involves 18 exciting homes, buildings or sites. Some are opening again by popular demand, including  The Cob House , a passivhaus refurbishment, a straw bale house, a  house made from an old cider barrel and the Landmatters Permaculture Project. There are also several properties that have not previously taken part, including an excellent example of draught-busting an old building, a 1970s bungalow refurbishment and two newly built homes. It is a great opportunity to find out from the householders and/or builders about  challenges, successes and failures and about different materials and technologies, including natural building materials, eco-toilets, biomass boilers , heat pumps , solar energy and electric car charging.

Find the programme online at the TTT website.

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