Totnes Renewable Energy Society, TRESOC, was formed in November 2007 by a group of local residents concerned about climate change. It has grown to 550 member shareholders and has a portfolio of projects – stretching from Plymouth to Exeter – that adds up to 47 installations. These include 27 kW at a busy NHS surgery, 7 kW at a community centre and 17.5kW at a residential care home; all of these receive all the solar energy they can use on site for free. Another major scheme has been the award-winning Shine Project, working with South Devon Rural Housing Association, which provides residents at risk of fuel poverty with free solar energy throughout the day. We estimate this collective saving on bills to be between £10 – £15,000 a year. We also have solar panels on a farm and an investment in a hydro project on the River Dart.

Projects under development are more hydro, solar PV on a Community Land Trust housing development for local housing need and explorations of the feasibility of anaerobic digestion at another dairy farm. Additional projects are under discussion.

Overall, we estimate that TRESOC has produced just over 1 million kWh of energy and saved 480 tonnes of CO2 and climbing.

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