The South West Devon Community Energy Partnership’s (SWD CEP) Stage One PrintEnergy Study has been made publically available today. Further details, the press release and the report are available here.

“The SWD CEP quickly realised that in order to influence policy and guidance within our area we needed to establish a robust evidence base. Therefore, to focus our future working we commissioned the University of Exeter to provide a study of South West Devon. This is an independent assessment of current and expected energy consumption and opportunities for energy efficiency and renewable energy generation across the area.” Said Kate Royston Chair of the SWD CEP

The study has provided some surprising results which have impacts for the South West Devon area and the future potential for energy resilience for all sectors. Current energy consumption is divided in, approximately, equal thirds between the transport, domestic and non-domestic sectors. This energy consumption results in approximately £0.4 billion being spent on energy in SW Devon – equivalent to about a fifth of the economic output of the area or about 15,000 full time jobs. Effectively each person is spending £2,600 each year on energy within this area.

The SWD CEP is a unique network bringing community groups and local authority representatives together, from across West Devon, South Hams and Dartmoor National Park, to work towards a sustainable future for energy. It is believed to be the first partnership of its kind in the UK dealing with energy issues through cooperation between local government and action groups.



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